Southeastern Connecticut’s Fall Schooling Horse Trials

Southeastern Connecticut’s Fall Schooling Horse Trials 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Opening: Sept. 1, 2017 Closing: Oct. 17, 2017

Horse Trials & Pony Club Rally

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We look forward to your rider's participation this fall!

Please bring a food or toiletry item to benefit the Ledyard Food Pantry. Your support for our community's less fortunate is appreciated!


2016 Photo Gallery

What is a Horse Trial?

Event Details

Come join us

for Southeastern Connecticut’s 

2017 Fall Horse Trials and C/D Pony Club Rally!

-Training/Novice thru Elementary Horse Trials

-3’6” to Xrails Combined Tests

-Dressage Only

A relaxed, fun, and inviting atmosphere!

This year is Pirate Themed! Prizes for every level, and special pirate awards!

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to get more information about:


 entry Information

theme prizes


and more! 


2016 Photo Gallery

A Message From Swashbuckler

  Greetings me hearties! Swashbuckler Swell here, Quarter Master of the Pirate’s Keep, and the one and only Dragon of the Seas.

 I was the wildest and boldest of the privateers to make port in Mystic, double crossing the Dutch and the Pequot alike as I held no allegiance to either. Long ago my buccaneers landed with so much contraband, it took us six long weeks to haul it and hide it, and only I have the key to the treasure’s keep. 

What say we ride together over secret paths that lie in the woods, through water and meadow over the trails we walked to hide our loot? Ye will find obstacles in yer way, but if yer seafarin’ vessels are fit, I wager it’s a fair test of yer mettle. 

I’ve been ordered by the Cap’n to hand it over to the bravest and boldest of sea dogs with the lowest overall score for the event, regardless of division. 

Cap’n says we run four divisions:

  -Landsman (Elementary-those yet to be tested at sea) - Rum Runners (Adv. Elem-those with limited sea experience or maiden vessels) -Buccaneers (Beg. Novice-pirates in training with some experience at sea) -Sea Dogs (Novice-pirates who have been tested in battle) So whether yer a Sea Dog or a Landsman, the treasure could be yers for the taking. 

Me Cap’n is feeling very generous, and says plunder will also be awarded to the winner of each division as well. 

But, being the learned and roguish cap’n she is, she wished me to leave you all a riddle to test yer mettle, so riddle me this: What do you call a town that is not truly a town?  

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